FJELLTRONE to release “Urdabrunnen” on August 31!

Hailing from Linkoping, Sweden the black metal abomination called FJELLTRONE is ready to take the scene by storm! Influenced by bands like MORTIIS, BURZUM, WARDRUNA & LUSTRE, the project has already released 2 full length albums. This time FJELLTRONE returns with “Urdabrunnen” (meaning the well of fate in Viking sagas) an old school black metal release that will make you uneasy. The music contains dark ambient with a strain of sadness and dark cruelty. Every song is built from pieces of Northern viking melodies and a mix of blackmetal. FJELLTRONE music and style cannot be mistaken for anyone else. It’s like a return of BURZUM straight from the 90ties!

Needless to say this track “Valkyria” will prove we’re right:

The tracklist is as follows:
01. Ur morker
02. Ebla och Ask
03. Valkyria
04. Fylgja
05. Sjalens sar
06. Natt och dag

The album will be available on August 31 as limited to 500 copies jewelcase CD.
You can order it now at:

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