We offer comprehensive services in the field of creating and promoting the image of your band. We will advise and design a website, online store, logo, cover, and even a lyric video. We will also fully take care of your merchandise, from design to production, so that you do not have to deal with it. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and we have cooperated, among others with bands such as Vader, Christ Agony, Batushka; Pagan Records, Witching Hour Prod. We also co-created the largest Polish metal magazine Kvlt. Write to us and see that you can count on us!

We pressed (and previously prepared for printing and production) over 120 titles in a total circulation of almost 80,000 units. We know what we do, and we do it well. We will handle the authoring, reauthoring, pre-mastering, mastering, and pressing of CD and DVD carriers for you. We also know the art of packaging. We can design or adapt the printing to various non-standard cardboard, paper, foil, and plastic packaging. Most often we work with jewel case, digipack, eco pack, and multipack. Our productions are of high quality. Usually printed on matte or gloss chalky paper, with or without finishing. The disc formats we work with are CD, CDr plus, DVD, DVDHD, Blu-Ray.

We press vinyl records based on the Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) technology. This allows us to significantly shorten the production process. We work on a specially prepared version of the master of the disc (or prepare such a mastering for vinyl on request), then, after accepting the test presses, we proceed to the proper production of discs and printing. Available formats of vinyl records are 12 “(39 min / 33 rpm) in the 135g and 180g versions and 7” in the 42g and 70g versions (13 min / 33 rpm). In addition, we offer high-quality cassette tapes in various colors with any type of printing. All cassettes can be confectioned.

A classic website is not a relic, but the best way to present your music on the Internet. One place where you can find everything related to your creativity will not only facilitate the organization of your artistic achievements but also facilitate communication with you. In addition, it will place the name of your project in the Google search engine, which will translate into greater effectiveness of promotional campaigns or band activities in social media. And when you have an entire warehouse of interesting merchandise, CDs, or vinyl records of your band, you can consider creating a professional online store that will significantly facilitate the sale of your goods online.

The presence of artists in social media is an absolute necessity today. Social media profiles perfectly complement what is on the band’s website. We will help you set up and optimize an account on popular platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, and run campaigns that will bring your work closer to new recipients. We will also take care of the consistency of messages and the message of your account to present what you are doing to your fans in the best possible way.

We offer a wide range of merch for bands and individual artists. T-shirts (we print on materials from manufacturers such as Sol’s, Gildan, JHK), sweatshirts, cloth bags, badges, and many more. In addition, we produce unusual, hand-made candles. If you have an idea for something unique that will make your band stand out, we are also happy to take on such a challenge.

Feel free to contact us at: or give us a call: 0048 798 893 799 You’re welcome to drop by our office in Opole, Budowlanych Street 50/18