MOLOCH to release “The Vatican Cellars” 2CD compilation!

At last, after eleven years from the debut, the dungeon synth / dark synth legacy of MOLOCH will finally be released on CD. It’s not your ordinary “The Best of Record” but a true journey through time and space…

This upcoming, huge compilation, “The Vatican Cellars” will feature a total of 36 tracks that have been meticulously selected by Moloch himself. The 2CD collection will include both full-length releases “Withering Hopes” and “Onoskelis” as well as the “Yog-Sothoth” EP released previously on CD-R and digital by Moloch under the guise of I.A. SERPENTOR. Above all that the compilation will also include never before released tracks written and recorded between 2004-2011.

The album will be released as a 2CD jewel case and special limited digibook. The cover artwork was designed by the magnificent Mark Cooper known for his work for RINGS OF SATURN.

“The Vatican Cellars” is scheduled for a Halloween release (October 31, 2017). More information and pre-orders will be launched soon… Check out the full track listing below and be sure to catch MOLOCH on his upcoming live shows…

MOLOCH – “The Vatican Cellars” Tracklist:
01. Intraluminal
02. Withering Hopes
03. Enochian Lamentations
04. Wallachia
05. Intermezzo
06. Vatican Cellars
07. Innocence Fatigued
08. Oneirology
09. Sorrowful Morning
10. The Inexorable End (Bonus)
11. Behind the Courtains of Night (Bonus)
12. Moonlight (Bonus)
13. At the Break of Dawn (Part I) (Bonus)
14. At the Break of Dawn (Part II) (Bonus)
15. Le Stigmata Polonaise (Bonus)
16. Violator (Bonus)
17. Magma (Bonus)
18. S (Bonus)

01. In Nomine Noctis
02. Hallucinations
03. Beyond Good and Evil
04. Onoskelis
O5. Labyrinths of Zin
06. The Green Fairy
07. Intoxicated Heart
08. Asphodel Meadows
09. De Profundis
10. Adieu Monde Cruel (Bonus)
11. In Articulo Mortis
12. From Beyond
13. Yog-Sothoth
14. Immolation
15. Abnormal Ones Come
16. Humanity’s Funeral
17. Ex Oblivione
18. At the Gates (Bonus)

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