HEXHORN will be waking death!

Polish thrash death metal band HexHorn are ready to take the scene by storm with their debut opus “Waking of Death”. This intense and ferocious album hits all the important notes and devours its listener completely. Classic guitar work with heavy sound and precise drumming make “Waking of Death” a interesting offering from the homeland of Vader. If you are longing for the old school of how thrash death metal was played be sure to check out “Waking of Death”.

Below you can check out the video to the track “Suffering”:

Tracklist is as follows:
01. Suffering
02. Murderer
03. Chemical War
04. Winter
05. Naegleria Fowleri
06. Anguish
07. Waking of Death
08. Face Your Fears
09. Hate Make Us Stronger

The album will be released as a jewel case CD limited to 500 copies.
You can pre-order the record here: http://store.vianocturna.com/hexhorn-waking-of-death-cd-p-1028.html

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