DEVORZHUM to release debut CD on February 29!

Poznań black metallers from Devorzhum start with a strong opening in their discography. “Exigens Monumentum” is a solid dose of black metal, thoroughly soaked in the atmosphere of the Norwegian underground of the 90s. The thick atmosphere, respect for the past but also playing “forward” make the three quarters of an hour spent with Devorzuhm an experience you will remember for longer.

The physical album will be released on February 29.
Pre-orders can be placed here:
The digital version is available here:

You can check out the entire album below:

The tracklist is as follows

1. Intro
2. Exigens Monumentum
3. Ona
4. Splamione oblicze ziemi
5. Czekam widma
6. …by dusze wyzwolić
7. Cisza martwych ulic

Be sure to check out the bands social media:

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