COLISEUM will debut in March!

The Brazilian duo COLISEUM will debut on March 25 through Via Nocturna. The EP “I Hate Them All” is filled with primitive and obscure death metal. With thrash metal influences this EP is not meant for fans of sophistication. Only brute force, simplicity and sincerity with a little bit of madness. A must have for all the fans of classic death metal acts.

The tracklist is as follows:
1. 1000 Cannons in Front of Vaticano
2. Enter the Coliseum
3. I Hate Them All
4. Matilha 45
5. Why Don’t You Laugh Now Bastards?

Below you can hear the track “Enter the Coliseum”:

The album will be released as a limited to 500 copies jewel case CD.
You can already pre-order the album here:

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