STONED NAKED’s eponymous album out on August 31!

STONED NAKED is an American Heavy Stoner/Doom Metal band formed in Gainesville. Driven ever forward by their love of hard rock, and all things primal and instinctual. Perfectly, imperfect.  Loud, nasty, and mean.  With grooves as thick as the haze in a hippies mind, and as intense as Texas summer night. Now, finally releasing their first full length, self-titled album, STONED NAKEDis here to make your head spin! Cast your eyes deep within, let your blood boil, and lose your chains. Let the being within stretch forth and become as unbridled as the dark force that is STONED NAKED!

Check out the promo track “Eyes of Oblivion”:

The tracklist is as follows:
01. Silent Night
02. Pale Horse
03. Funky Road Mamma
04. The Hand That Feeds
05. Kings of Edom
06. Eyes of Oblivion
07. Ocean Chief
08. Priestess of the Devil
09. Sophia

The album will be available on August 31 as limited to 500 copies jewelcase CD.
You can order it now at:

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