ENTITY will show you what is fear!

Canadian death metal juggernauts don’t fuck around. From start to finish, they know what they came for and what to do. Behold ENTITY, a band that is ready to take the death metal scene by storm! With this 9 track colossus entitled “Phobia of the Formless” ENTITY will surely make a difference. Check them out, if you have the guts!

Here is the promo track “Instinct to Exterminate”:

The tracklist is as follows:
01. Instinct to Exterminate
02. Scaphism
03. Vindictive Killing
04. The Flayed One
05. I, Somniphobia (Nightmare Interlude)
06. Horrendous and Repugnant
07. Unintelligent Design
08. 200,000 Years
09. Schisophrenic Agoraphobia (Outro)

The album will be available on June 30 as limited to 500 copies jewelcase CD.
You can order it now at: http://store.vianocturna.com/entity-phobia-of-the-formless-cd-p-1145.html

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