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SLOWLY WE ROT - 6/2014 + CD

SLOWLY WE ROT - 6/2014 + CD

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Slowly We Rot #6 / 2014
English written, pro-printed, 60 pages, A4 format
Featuring interviews with:
AMON - Eric Hoffman's words on why Amon is better than Deicide!
ATTILA CSIHAR (Mayhem, Tormentor, Aborym, etc.) - reprint of probably the most in depth interview with him ever made!
CENTINEX - recently reunited Swedish Death Metal legends
EXCITER - Speed Metal legends!
GRA - Swedish Black Metal sensation
HADES - kings of Norwegian Viking Black Metal
KAMPFAR - Norse Pagan Folk masters
NERVOSA - Brazilian Thrash Metal sensation
POPPY SEED GRINDER - Czech Brutal Death Metal sickos
RIPPIKOULU - if you know Finnish Doom Death you know them
SORCERY - Swedish Death Metal veterans
TITUS CONSTANTINESCU - Romanian booking agent, band manager, merchandiser, zine editor
USURPER - a legend for many, unknown for others, but definitely a controversial band
- more than 250 audio and zine reviews
- Merchants of Death section (interviews with labels: Cold Raw Records, Metallic Media, Psycho Records, Terrorghoul Productions)
- Rising Demons section (interviews with: Blodorn, Dasap, de profundis, Frostwork, Killrazer, Miserable Failure, Nerocapra, Plagues, Serpentrance, Sidious, Skinlepsy, Solace of Requiem, Solemn Curse, Sons of Famine, Taatsi, Terrorfront, Thy Legion, Winter Deluge)
+ FREE Compilation CD featuring:
Blodorn (France)
Dasap (France)
de profundis (Hungary)
Frostwork (UK)
Killrazer (Australia)
Miserable Failure (France)
Nerocapra (Italy)
Plagues (USA)
Serpentrance (Russia)
Sidious (UK)
Skinlepsy (Brazil)
Solace of Requiem (USA)
Solemn Curse (USA)
Sons of Famine (USA)
Taatsi (Finland)
Terrorfront (Slovenia)
Thy Legion (Malta)
Winter Deluge (New Zealand)

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