Zørormr – “Corpus Hermeticum” was released 7 years ago.

Exactly seven years ago Zøroromr released its third full-length album “Corpus Hermeticum” on Via Nocturna. The album was a big undertaking, with production done by Arek “Malta Malczewski” (Behemoth), and guest appearances by Mike Wead (Mercyful Fate / King Diamond) and Hal (Vader). Additional solos were recorded by Przemysław “Quazarre” Olbryt (Devilish Impressions / Asgaard) and drums were recorded by Łukasz “Icanraz” Sarnacki (Corruption).

This album marked our return to the music business and kick-started our releasing game. The release sold out in a few months after its premiere.

You can order the re-release from 2016 here:

You can check it out at Black Metal Promotion Channel on YouTube:

Currently, the long awaited fourth Zørormr album ‘The Monolith” is in the final stages of production.

Be sure to check out Zorormr’s social media:
Bandcamp: https://zorormr.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/zorormr

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