WINGS OF DAHAK will release “Unholy Wings” on September 29

Hailing from Dallas, Texas comes the unholy horde WINGS OF DAHAK. Their full length debut album “Unholy Wings”, inspired by the Persian mythology and the creature Azhi Dahaka, a three headed dragon which brought ruin to earth, is a death / black metal amalgamate. A fierce & intense experiance. Prepare yourself for 6 tracks of misery, hunger and thirst for death. Here comes WINGS OF DAHAK!

Below you can check out the track “Inhaling the Spirit of Destruction”

The tracklist is as follows:
1. Inhaling the Spirit of Destruction
2. Moment of Release
3. Unholy Wings
4. Catastrophe of Infinite Regress
5. Search for Utukku
6. Reflecting on the Beauty of Mass Carnage

The album will be released in jewel case format and is out on September 29 through Via Nocturna.
You can check out more information and order it here:

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