VARMIA to debut on February 28!

We are proud to announce the black metal debut of 2017! Straight from the beautiful land of Warmia (Poland) we present you VARMIA, an amazing band that’s ready to take the scene by storm! Born from the roots of Polish black metal and longing for times long gone with a fresh and open-minded approach make them truly a band worth following. “Z mar twych” (can be translated as “From your nightmares” as “From the dead”) is an amazing album, recorded without computers and sessions in one take! It’s almost an hour of sincere, fascinating and atmospheric music. Something you need to have in your collection!

Any doubts? Listen to the track “Ptak” (“The Bird”) and don’t hesitate to order the album now!

The tracklist:
01. Świt
02. Slava!
03. Wściekłość
04. Ptak
05. Gorej
06. Omnikorona
07. Warmia
08. Gali
09. In Tenebris

The album will be released on February 28 as a limited to 500 copies jewel case CD.
Pre-order the album now at:

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