Tony Kareid presents INTENSUTOPIA – “Shades of Faith”

INTENSUTOPIA is the musical world of Norwegian singer/guitarist Tony Kåreid. “Shades of Faith” is a concept album about the abuse of power in religious circles, where we follow the main character from birth through childhood into frustration of the community he’s in during his teens. This becomes too hard to handle and the choices made turns into great consequences.
A very dramatic story inspired from real world events and raise the questions why something supposed to be good turns bad…

Recorded in Lionheart Studios, Oslo Norway with Frank Nordeng Røe INTENSUTOPIA‘s “Shades of Faith” is a fantastic prog rock album that will catch the attention of DREAM THEATER and AVANTASIA fans.

Below you can hear the track “Open Your Eyes”!

The tracklist is as follows:
01. A Seed is Sown
02. Open Your Eyes
03. Invitation
04. Words of Wisdom
05. Left Alone
06. Hero
07. Kill or Be Killed
08. The Investigation
09. Running Away
10. Edge of Insanity
11. Don’t Tell Me I’m Insane
12. The Journey to the Ivory Tower Pt. 1 Reflections
13. The Journey to the Ivory Tower Pt. 2 Classification
14. The Journey to the Ivory Tower Pt. 3. Encore

The album will be released on Halloween 2016 as a jewel case CD limited to 500 copies
You can pre-order the album here:

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