TEOREMA to release eponymous album in July!

With a mouth full of dirt TEOREMA creates raw, primitve and powerful doom / sludge metal abomination. The sound is harsh and almost unaccessible, surprising, and blending folk elements into the sonic desolation. Almost 40 minutes of pain, suffering, and hope for quick death…

Below you can check out the first single from the upcoming album entitled “Karma”:

Tracklist is as follows:
1. Herencia
2. Karma
3. Damned Country
4. Saint Place
5. Spiritual Madness
6. Times of Sin
7. Fuegos Fatuos
8. Abismo

The album will be released as a jewel case CD limited to 500 copies.
You can pre-order the record here: http://store.vianocturna.com/teorema-teorema-cd-p-1038.html

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