News from the ZORORMR’s lair!

Four months have passed since the release of “Corpvs Hermeticvm”. The album received positive reviews from the media and has stirred the pot quite hard. What’s more important is that you, the Fans, have appreciated my last effort making this record almost sold out! Thank you for that!

But lets dispense with the pleasantries and get straight to the point… As I stated in some of the interviews I’m planning on releasing an EP next year. Propably January. This mini-album will contain never before heard tracks that I recorded between 2010-2015. Three tracks recorded during “Corpvs Hermeticvm” session have a similar concept and they will be the backbone of the EP. Additionall stuff from “IHS” and “Kval” recording session will make the EP last about 20 minutes. The main idea about this release is to close the “era one” in Zorormr’s history and open a new chapter as well. The yet untitled EP will be released by Via Nocturna in January 2016.

I think that you already predict that there will be some major changes with Zorormr. And you are correct… I’m currently trying to establish a stage line-up to perform live shows but this can take a while, so I can’t say anything about possible future dates. Not earlier than in 2016 I guess…

Last but not least I’ve put my old “Korean Beauty” aside and taken two new brides: ESP LTD V-50 and EX-360. The impact that those two will have on future Zorormr releases is going to be huge from what I hear in new songs…

Enough! Let’s not spoil you, my Friends! 😉 Keep it heavy and be sure to follow Zorormr’s profiles! m/

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