New album by Ivan The Tolerable available now

Oli Heffernan, a British multi-instrumentalist based in Middlesbrough, known from his work with Year Of Birds, King Champion Sounds, Shrug, Detective Instinct has just released a new album under the name of Ivan The Tolerable. Based on the sci-fi book ‘The Unsleeping Eye’ by D.G Compton, ‘The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe’ is advertised as a soundtrack to the novel. The book itself follows the story of the titular Katherine who battles a terminal brain disease in a futuristic world where dying of everything other than old age is unheard of…

The 10 track album is available on Ivan’s Bandcamp page. You can also listen to the album in full on the Underrated Albums YouTube:

The tracklist is as follows:
01. TCKM
02. Roddie & Vincent
03. The Trap
04. Human Destiny
05. Orgy
06. Unsleeping Eye
07. An Interior
08. 4 Weeks
09. The Transient
10. 1974

You can order the album, released by the Library of the Occult, on vinyl & tape here.

And here’s the personel behind this great album:
Oli Heffernan: Guitar/Bass/Synths/12 String/Clarinet/Zither/Percussion/Melodica
Mees Siderius: Drums/Percussion
Ben Hopkinson: Saxophone
Tom McDowell: Synths
Kevin Nickles: Saxophone/Flute

For more information go to Ivan’s Facebook page:

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