HEGONY just released their debut album “Turpistic Ecstasy”

Hailing from Wroclaw, Poland, the death metal ensamble Hegony has just released their first full-length album “Turpistic Ecstasy”.
The album consists of 10 heavy tracks with fierce, guttural vocals.

You can listen to the full album here:

The tracklist is as follows:
01. Escape
02. Necrotic Wounds
03. Humiliation
04. Suffering
05. Tribute
06. Karl
07. Depths of Hell
08. Turpistic Ecstasy
09. Forgotten Grave
10. Skinned by a Blunt Knife

The album is available as digital download at the Hegony’s Bandcamp profile: https://hegony.bandcamp.com/album/turpistic-ecstasy

The CD edition will be available soon.
Be sure to follow the band’s Facebook profile here: https://www.facebook.com/hegony

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