EVIL NEVER DIES to release new album!

Italian thrash metal veterans E.VIL N.EVER D.IES return with an all new album entitle “Ekpyrosis”. It’s all about brutallity, intensity and eerie sound. 8 tracks in vein of the best thrash metal acts of the eighties with an original twist will make you wan’t to spin that record one mor time.

Check out the promo track “Epitaphts” below:

The tracklist is as follows:
01. Holy Mountain
02. No Cure For War
03. Epitaphs
04. It’s Alive
05. (This is) Country for Old Men
06. Land With No Future
07. Imagination
08. Ekpyrosis

The album will be released on February 28 as a limited to 500 copies jewel case CD.
Pre-order the album now at: http://store.vianocturna.com/evil-never-dies-ekpyrosis-cd-p-1104.html

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