EBOLA to release new album on November 26!

EBOLA’s brutal and experimental black metal, with a gothic electronica twist, is one of the most original releases in our catalogue. It’s unpredictable and raw. Of course you can hear some european influences on “Reconstruction of Concept” (the second wave of black metal) but they are only fragments of a broken mirror. An ambitious and intriguing journey into a troubled mind.

You can listen to the single “Devastated” below:


The tracklist is as follows:
1. Destruction of Concept
2. Sadness Party
3. Silent Rose
4. Stagnant Eyes
5. Point
6. Devastated
7. Things
8. Reconstruction of Concept
9. 404

The album will be released on November 26 as a regular CD (jewel case).
You can pre-order it now at: https://bit.ly/3pVoH4p

Total: 37:23

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