Diaboł Boruta to release acoustic album

Since 2010, Diaboł Boruta, released five full-length folk metal albums. Now, the band returns with their latest output “Borutus Akustikus” a collection of acoustic versions of bands most recognizable songs. This special release will take you on a journey across time a space to the land of Slavs and their enchanting music.

Check it out for yourselves by listenint to the single “Wietrznik”:

The tracklist is as follows:
01. Wietrznik
02. Żeńcy i Południca
03. Pielgrzym
04. Byłem ongi dębem
05. Czarownica
06. Rusałka
07. Srebrne Żmije
08. Sobótki
09. W moim ogródecku

The album will premiere on March 17, 2023!
You can pre-order it now here:
CD: https://bit.ly/diabolboruta-cd
DIGITAL: https://bit.ly/diabolboruta-digital

For more information be sure to follow Diaboł Boruta’s Facebook page:

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