ASGAARD to release new album “What if…” soon!

After many years of silence, Polish progressive metallers ASGAARD return once again, to release their latest opus “What if…”

The band has teamed up with Szataniec and Wormholedeath for the release of Asgaard’s newest, 7th full-length record titled “What if…”. While Szataniec is taking care of the album’s physical formats, Wormholdeath will be marketing the album worldwide and will handle its digital release via The Orchard Inc. / Sony Music Entertainment. Out 04th of March 2022.

Comments Carlo Bellotti, owner at Wormholedeath: “I am proud to be able to work with such a cult band with long term experience and career. Since the release of their beautiful album “Stairs to nowhere” the band has been working hard for their epic comeback. Here we are with this new masterpiece ready for release via Wormholedeath (Digital) and available in other formats thanx to our colleagues at Szataniec Records. Publishing will be handled by Wormholedeath via Warner Chappell Music as usual. We can’t wait to spread their music all over the world working with this amazing team.”

“We are pleased to announce the establishment of cooperation and signing a contract with the extremely talented and experienced ASGAARD band. Their latest work “What if …” is their seventh full-length album and will be released in physical (Szataniec) and digital (Wormholdeath) on March 4, 2022. Welcome on board.” – comments Piotr Szafraniec, CEO at Szataniec.

We are so much looking forward to working with both labels on the release of “What if…” album. It’s been a really loooong, bumpy road not only for all of us in the band but also for all the people engaged into this project in this way or another, and despite the fact that we’ve been forced to keep on postponing many issues related with this new record, we are truly happy to be able to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can’t wait to bring it up to you!

The album design will be brought to you by a renowned and award-winning graphic designer Bartłomiej Trzos. He’s also the author of the album’s design, layout, drawings and calligraphy.

“An artistic concept behind the album cover for Asgaard’s upcoming record titled “What if…” is based on the myth about Sisyphus which serves as an archetype for the absurdity of aimless labor, an effort that is destined to fail right from the start. In passing, Sisyphus also have become a symbol of rebellion, lack of humility, perseverance and heroism against the almighty gods of Olympus. On pages of the booklet attached to the album we can observe many faces of our hero that represent his state of mind, which was an direct outcome of his experiences while going down the path of life. I was trying to present Sisyphus in situations that might have happened if his fate would turn out in a different way. From a technical standpoint, my main goal was to create a cohesive idea of the whole artwork, both regarding the palette of colors and style of drawing, where visual aspect was compliant with the general concept of the record. However, I wanted to keep the universal appeal of the main character in this multi-layered story.

I hope that the listeners will enjoy my visual representation of the phenomenal new album by Asgaard, called “What if…”, and that they will discover parallels between the visuals and the music, which is complex, intricate and incredibly detailed.” – Bartłomiej Trzos.

“What if…” tracklist:
01. Sisyphus
02. Creeping Miss Lunacy
03. Sny na jawie
04. Horizon upside down
05. What if…
06. Blind man’s buff
07. W sercu nieswiata
08. Not ever again!

Bonus tracks:
09. Sny na jawie (radio cut)
10. W sercu nieświata (radio cut)

“What if” is scheduled to be released on 4th of March 2022!!!

Band photo by Roman Baran
Source: Asgaard

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