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NERVOUS IMPULSE / KRAWORATH / KERANGKENK - "Perfect Symmetry Incarnation" CD

NERVOUS IMPULSE / KRAWORATH / KERANGKENK - "Perfect Symmetry Incarnation" CD

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Label: More Hate Productions
Format: CD (jewel case)
Country: Russia
Year: 2016
Genre: brutal death metal

A joint effort of rabid hordes from Canada, Russia and Indonesia is probably the most brutal split of 2016! Three continents, three different approaches to brutal death metal united for the only purpose – to blow your mind! Welcome! NERVOUS IMPULSE (Canada) will impress listeners with breathtaking wall of the most brutal sound, machine-gun blast-beats and crazy dynamics of guitar riffs catching you by the balls till the last second. Russian one-man band KRAWORATH will present a totally new level of brutality: new songs literally bleed with sharp riffs and superluminal solos, vocals sound like from the most obscure depths of Hell, while thuggish lyrics can make cry even a maniac. This triumph of death will be finished by Indonesian paladins KERANGKENK keeping up the traditions of death metal in its original form. They know the nature of fury and madness like no other, their infernal chants plunge listeners into the transcendental world of sufferings and agony. It is an outstanding and canonical example of aggressive Indonesian school.

01. Nervous Impulse - Syrian NATO Meat Grinder     02:50     
02. Nervous Impulse - Time to Panic     00:36     
03. Nervous Impulse - Overwhelming Positive Vibe     03:10     
04. Nervous Impulse - Why Did You Shake Our Baby     01:32     
05. Nervous Impulse - Truthers     03:19     
06. Nervous Impulse - Rockstar Faggotry     02:45     
07. Nervous Impulse - Pure Hate     03:29     
08. Kraworath - Extracted Fetus Devourment     03:44     
09. Kraworath - Intracranial Penetration     04:06     
10. Kraworath - Calling Victims     04:00     
11. Kraworath - Perfect Symmetry Incarnation     04:14       
12. Kerangkenk - Carcass Carcass Carcass     04:03     
13. Kerangkenk - Onslaught of Psychopath     04:06     
14. Kerangkenk - Venomous Suicide Victim     04:29     
15. Kerangkenk - Welcome to My Rott and Gore     04:18
Total: 50:41     

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