VARIOUS ARTISTS – “Obscurum Aeterna”

01 FLUMEN – Introitus
02 EGRIMONIA – Black Mistress
03 AITON – Schizein
04 LILLA VENEDA – Solar Visions Ov The One
05 CALM HATCHERY – Living Monstrosity (Death)
06 CHRIST AGONY – Prophetical Pt. III
07 I.A. SERPENTOR – At The Gates
08 THE ZIGGURAT – Wind Walker
09 ABUSED MAJESTY – Omnivorous Sonatina
10 LIFE’S DECAY – Etesse
11 ABSENTIA – Blind Dreams

title: VARIOUS ARTISTS – “Obscurum Aeterna”
label: Via Nocturna
release date: 2009
format: CDR-PRO
country: Poland
genre: various
running time: ca. 60 mins

OBSCURUM AETERNA” is the title of the Via-Nocturna’s 5’th anniversary compilation. Among artists known from our catalogue like I.A. SERPENTOR, CALM HATCHERY, ABSENTIA or AIOTN, the CD will also contain some famous guests like CHRIST AGONY, ABUSED MAJESTY, or a special solo performance by FLUMEN (ASGAARD, ex-HERMH). Also you will find that we’ve invited LIFE’S DECAY and THE ZIGGURAT to join as, as well ase two stunning newcomers – EGRIMONIA and LILLA VENEDA.

This exeptional material will contain 11 tracks of 11 artists, from dark ambient to black/death metal. The whole material will last 55 minutes, and it will be the chase after the setting sun of the soul, into the darkness that inspires us the most…