SERPENTORIA – “Withering Hopes”

01 Intraluminal
02 Withering Hopes
03 Enochian Lamentations
04 Wallachia
05 Intermezzo
06 Vatican Cellars
07 Innocence Fatigued
08 Oneirology
09 Sorrowful Morning
title: SERPENTORIA – “Withering Hopes”
label: Via Nocturna
release date: 2006, April 30
format: CDR-PRO
country: Poland
genre: dark ambient
running time: unknown
Elegant flowers flourished a lovely decay, within the smouldering ruins of an unremembered mansion. Serenity of vesper was disturbed by revenants, coquettishly playing rusty melodies. Sound of the clavichord an their wicked canto summoned only the withering hopes.
“Withering Hopes” is near 45 minutes of sombre atmospheric music, suspended between neoclassical and dark ambient genres. Enchanted within the CD-r with an aesthetic, professional graphics. The release is limited to 100 copies only