INTENSUTOPIA – “Shades of Faith”

01. A Seed is Sown
02. Open Your Eyes
03. Invitation
04. Words of Wisdom
05. Left Alone
06. Hero
07. Kill or Be Killed
08. The Investigation
09. Running Away
10. Edge of Insanity
11. Don’t Tell Me I’m Insane
12. The Journey to the Ivory Tower Pt. 1 Reflections
13. The Journey to the Ivory Tower Pt. 2 Classification
14. The Journey to the Ivory Tower Pt. 3. Encore
Title: INTENSUTOPIA – “Shades of Faith”
Release date: October 31, 2016
Barcode: 5905279281301
Catalogue no.: NOX041 CD
Format: CD (jewel case)
Year: 2016
Country: Norway
Genre: progressive metal
Running time: ca. 70 min


Shades of faith is a concept album about abuse of power in religous circuits, which follows the main character from birth through childhood where his parents leave him behind for missionairy service. He is sent off to a boarding school where he and his fellow students are treated badly. Frustrated about their situation, which ends in a murder, the kids runaway. The story follows the police investigation while the congregation tries to quiet down the incident. He gives himself up and the story ends where the character reflects over whether or not he might be convicted.

Drums are recorded at Lionheart studios in Oslo, Norway by engineer Øyvind Larsen.
All other instruments are recorded at Tonyshred studios, Oslo Norway. Tony Kåreid’s private studio.
Mix and master by Tony Kåreid at Tonyshred studios. Summer of 2016.
All music and lyrics written by Tony Kåreid.
Cover art by Jean-Claude Berens.
Photos by Fredrik Sindsen at
Tony Kåreid, Vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards.
Frank Noreng Røe, Drums