I.A. SERPENTOR – “Onoskelis”

01 In Nomine Noctis
02 Hallucinations
03 Beyond Good & Evil
04 Onoskelis
05 Labyrinths of Zin
06 The Green Fairy
07 Intoxicated Heart
08 Asphodel Meadows
09 De Profundis
title: I.A. SERPENTOR – “Onoskelis”
label: Via Nocturna
release date: 2008
format: MP3
country: Poland
genre: dark ambient
running time: unknown
“Her body was that of a woman with a fair complexion, but her legs were those of a.” – TSol 4:2
Welcome and be amazed, that Ioannes Aurelius Serpentor returns, with the follow-up to the highly acclaimed 2006 debut album “Withering Hopes”. New opus entlitled “Onoskelis” is a 37 minutes dark ambient / neoclassical concept album recorded at Vatican Cellars Studio (Silesia), telling the story of the female-satyr luring men to embraced by death with a little help of the famous liquor – absinthe.