CEREBRUM – “Archangel”

01 Slashed Bitch
02 Shut Your Fucking Face
03 Altar Of Debauchery
04 Rusty Blood
05 In The Mouth Of Madness
06 The Fallen Will Rise In The Sea Of Blood
07 The Chosen One
08 Countess Bathory
title: CEREBRUM – “Archangel”
label: Via Nocturna
release date: 2010, September
format: CDR-PRO
country: Poland
genre: death metal
running time: unknown
CEREBRUM “Archangel” is the newest piece from the Rzeszow’s death thrashers!
The album was recorded in Stinger Studio unaer the watchful eye of Jakub Ziemba (KSU, HAMMER). It has all the contemporary production and heavy sound!
7 tracks that will kick your butt with a stunning cover “Countess Bathory” from the repertoire of the fathers of black metal!
All this packed in thrash metal fast tempos with many solos! A must listen! Stay thrash!