CALM HATCHERY – “El Alamein”

01 Stone Wings of the Emperor
02 Beauty of Pain
03 El-Alamein
04 God of Shadows
05 Obexob (The 22nd Hour)
06 Execution
07 Evolutionary Burning
08 Psycho Desert
09 I’m Coming For Your Throne
title: CALM HATCHERY – “El-Alamein”
label: Via Nocturna
release date: 2006, October 31
format: CDR-PRO
country: Poland
genre: death metal
running time: unknown
Within the bleak, desert sands, steel demons interrupted the ancient song of El Alamein winds. Temporarily congealed was the grain of time, but lifted by the cannon fire and felt under the caterpillars. Sounds of crumpled steel rang for many years.
“El Alamein” is nearly 32 minutes of technical death metal. The album is soaked with the stench of oil and steel. All this on the pro-done CDr with excellent graphics! Limited to 200 copies.