BEANSIDHE – “Processionaria”

BEANSIDHE - Processionaria
1. Processionaria
2. Föi
3. Viandant
4. Castegn
5. Nocc
6. Fin
BEANSIDHE – “Processionaria” CD
Label: Via Nocturna
EAN: 5906642083102
Format: CD (jewel case)
Country: Szwajcaria
Year: 2021
Genre: black / death metal


Established in 1999, Switzerland’s Beansidhe delivers its fourth manifestation, “Processionaria”, in 2021. The six-track album is a natural further step along the path the band set off on with 2015’s “Mónt”. The songs, sang in the typical dialect of the region, tell introspective tales about the intertwined natures of Man and Earth. The attentive spectator, and intimate connoisseur of the language, will be able to identify a recurring theme in entities that disappear, more or less willingly, only to leave room for new ones to set foot on the stage of life. “Processionaria” is undoubtedly the most honest and coherent composition to date, while possibly the most straightforward and simplistic in terms of rhythmic and harmonic structures, and patterns: none but the deemed essential remains, to give birth to a rich variety of dynamics and differently-paced moments which, along the whole thirty-five minutes of duration, walk the listener to a very personal journey that the band, as usual, suggests to treat oneself to in a quiet setting and in deep reverie.