AITON – “Akhetaten”

01 Absit Omen
02 Cry Of Amon-Ra
03 Twilight Of The Idols
04 Inhumana Crudelitas
05 Arms Of God
06 Solar Slaves
07 Old Temple Echo
08 Akhetaten
09 Tempus Fugit
title: AITON – “Akhetaten”
label: Via Nocturna
release date: 2008, February 28
format: MP3
country: Poland
genre: dark ambient / noize
running time: unknown
“…the seat of the First Occasion, which he had made for himself that he might rest in it.”
Enchanting debut album of Polish newcomer AITON. Not necessarily a concept album, but surely based on solid foundation. A tribute to one of the most daring ideas of the Ancient Egypt pharaoh Amenhotep IV Echnaton – to create a monotheistic religion centuries before the Ten Commandments, and Jesus Christ.