ABSENTIA – “Otherside”

01 Born
02 Age Of The Creator
03 Origin Of Time
04 Area Of Mind
05 Subliminal Dissonance
title: ABSENTIA – “Otherside”
label: Via Nocturna
release date: 2008, May 18
format: MP3 (DOWNLOAD)
country: Poland
genre: dark ambient / noize
running time: unknown
“Otherside” contains of two stories. The first one is about your inner self. About a place where you can find yourself. But “Otherside” is also a journal of a trip and it’s impact on the individual and his world. It’s a record of moments in time… The second story doesn’t have an ending, it is only a part of the final creation. The album was designed to leave an empty place for your imagination. (Another meaning of the otherside – the other side is the listener).
“I would like everyone to find their other side, and set of for a journey…
and found a place where all of us can be ourselves.”