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MEAT SHITS - "Ecstasy Of Death" CD

MEAT SHITS - "Ecstasy Of Death" CD

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MEAT SHITS - "Ecstasy Of Death" CD
Label: Rotten Roll Rex
Format: CD (jewel case)
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Genre: grindcore

1. Depravity     
2. There Is No God     
3. Children Of Rape     
4. Menstrual Blood Lust     
5. First Blow Job     
6. Perverted Vengeance     
7. I Shit On Your Grave     
8. The Devil Made Me Do It     
9. Bulimic Excretion     
10. Orgasmic Euphoria     
11. Finger Fuck Surprise     
12. Poor Feminine Hygiene     
13. Bow To The Penis God     
14. Into You... I Cum     
15. Act Of Love     
16. Anal Quickie/Act Of Hate     
17. Cock-Rock Faggots     
18. Septic Jesus     
19. Orgasm Of Cardia Arrest     
20. Bloodbath Cleansing     
21. Forced Into Submission     
22. Meat Rabbit     
23. Revenge On A World Full Of Cunts     
24. Eat My Fuck     
25. Hairless But Hard     
26. Isolated And Gang Raped     
27. Sex-Life (Dub-Mix)     
28. Cocaine Cunt Numb     
29. Violent Outburst Of Sodomy     
30. Elvis... Is Still Dead     
31. Manipulation Of Mankind     
32. Fag Killer     
33. Three-Way Fuck     
34. Would You Please Die?     
35. Surgically Removed Vagina     
36. Runaway Sex-Slave     
37. Hermaphrodite Horror     
38. Forbidden Fruit     
39. Fornication     
40. Mental Midget     
41. Ignorance... Is Bliss     
42. She Never Says No     
43. Ejaculation Evacuation     
44. Don't Have A Nice Day     
45. Disposal Of Human Garbage     
46. Cum On Your Fucking Face     
47. Excrement Infection Of The Male Urethra     
48. A.C. (Anal Cunt)     
49. Intelligence Refused     
50. She Likes It Hard     
51. Strenuous Fuck     
52. F.B.M.     
53. Bathe In Holy Excrement

Total: 01:10:40
Meat Shits - Ecstasy of Death [full album stream]

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