The Vision Bleak – true masters of horror

With a career spanning almost twenty years, Germany‘s horror duo The Vision Bleak is one of the most interesting metal acts to emerge from the land of Goethe. While we wait for their seventh full-length album, the successor of their last output “The Unknown”, I would like to invite you to explore their fascinating discography.

Debuting in 2004 with “The Deathship Has a New Captain (9 Songs of Death, Doom and Horror)”, The Vision Bleak proposed their own, original take on both gothic and metal genres. Combining the theatrics and Victorian-like aesthetics with a heavy sound the band embarked on a journey that would span six full-length albums and almost two decades.

Both Tobias Schönemann aka. Konstanz (known also from the gothic band Ewigheim) and Markus Stock aka. Schwadorf (known widely for his work with the neofolk band Empyrium) has been creating music inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, E.A. Poe, and horror movies. Their unique style in The Vision Bleak is mainly described as “horror metal” but their musical influences can be found outside the world of metal as well.

Aside from music, the duo has created a visual style of their own. Both in the Victorian gentlemen’s attire and in intriguing videos that accompany their music. Like, for example, this one to the track “The Wood Hag” taken from the “Witching Hour” album from 2013:

Criminally underrated, The Vision Bleak, deserves your attention. Even if they don’t crave it. If you’re a fan of elaborate sound design, memorable riffs, and all things horror you should definitely check them out.

And as we wait for the (hopefully) upcoming seventh full-length album, be sure to check out The Vision Bleak live if you can at the Prophecy Fest in Balver Höhle this Fall.

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