Bohren & Der Club of Gore

A contemporary film noir musical experience.

Just two years after their “inception” the ensemble of German musicians known to the world as Bohren & Der Club of Gore debuted in 1994 with “Gore Motel”. From the beginning, they combined a dense, dark ambient atmosphere with murky jazz vibes. Additionally, to that, they focused on using live instruments along with synthesizers, and I think that’s what made Bohren & Der Club of Gore a household name. Their cinematic soundscapes can evoke associations with films by David Lynch.

Nowadays, Bohren & Der Club of Gore consists of three musicians: Christoph Clöser, Morten Gass, and Robin Rodenberg. They present their music live in dimmed light. Their last album, “Patchouli Blue”, was released in 2020 by PIAS Recordings. In April 2022, they will release their new album via Pelagic Records.

Bohren & Der Club of Gore

Morten Gass said (about Bohren’s music): “Other bands play, Bohren bore!” (a play on the famous quote “Other bands play, Manowar kill”).
– The band’s name contains a homage to the Dutch hardcroe punk band Gore.
– They sometimes desribe their music as “detective jazz”.

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