Bill Fisher

Your next favorite cult leader

Based in Nottingham, UK, the charismatic leader of the Church of the Cosmic Skull, known among humans as Bill Fisher, is an intriguing musician and artist.

His music is hard to describe. One could assume that it’s an amalgamation of progressive rock, doom metal, and stoner rock. The late 60’s – early 70’s vibe is strong on his records, but apart from that, there’s also the spiritual element that makes Fisher stand out among most artists in those genres. Above all that, Bill‘s soothing voice is memorable. If you’re into sophisticated music fueled by passion and nostalgia, but with contemporary production values, then you’re in for a treat.

So far, Bill has released two albums, “Mass Hypnosis and the Dark Triad” in 2020 and “Hallucinations of a Higher Truth” in 2021. You should also check out his work with Church of the Cosmic Skull, Mammothwing, The Engines of Armageddon, and Dystopian Future Movies.

Check out Bill Fisher‘s social media, website and shop here:

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