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LECTERN returns with their most brutal effort yet!

Date Added: 14-03-2018 Two years ago, the Italian brutal death metal sensation LECTERN unleashed their highly acclaimed album "Precept of Delator"...

Two years ago, the Italian brutal death metal sensation LECTERN unleashed their highly acclaimed album "Precept of Delator". Now they return with even more relentless sounds and extreme attitude. Their latest album "Deheadment For Betrayal" is an 8 track death metal masterpiece that will meltdown your brain and chew on your guts. If you're all about that signature 90's sound and CANNIBAL CORPSE than you'll fucking love LECTERN! Just check it out yourself by listetning to the single "Placid Must Defunct"

Here is the tracklist:
01. Deheadment For Betrayal
02. Placid Must Defunct
03. Daedal Of Thy Wrath Unchrist Altar
04. Provvid As Gemel Confessors
05. Leals Shalt Kill 06. Perturb In Lamb Thronal
07. Dogmatician Of Predicator
08. Pamphlet Spawn At Gelid Crypt Satan

The album will be released on March 30 on Via Nocturna as a jewel case CD limited to 500 copies.
You can pre-order it now at:

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