Siekiera Fest 2022


Wrocław is such a beautiful and lively city! But few citizens felt something was missing there… For a few years, they were wondering – what could it be?

Roaming country, visiting numerous parties, concerts, and festivals, one day of 2017, their paths and ideas crossed – this is how Siekiera Team emerged! From that day, they’ve spent every free moment planning and organizing something unique for you.

Now, in 2022 it’s time for Siekiera Festival. A unique live event in Poland with bands like Batushka, Belphegor, Grai, Arkona, Symbolical, Hegony and many more.

Mark your calendars. From 5-7 August be there with us!
Via Nocturna is the official media partner of this event.
Tickets and more information available here:

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