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DIRK DIGGLER - "Dirk Diggler" CD

DIRK DIGGLER - "Dirk Diggler" CD

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DIRK DIGGLER - "Dirk Diggler" CD
Label: Heart & Crossbone Records
Format: CD
Country: Israel
Year: 2010
Genre: grindcore, noise, hardcore

Juicy, steamy, succulent or raunchy You name it - If it moves, Dirk Diggler wants to fuck it! The Israeli pornogrind trio is a super-slick and refreshing deviation that unleashes fury as it was cum taunting a teary-eyed virgin. With 14 tracks clocking at 20 minutes of unlimited and sporadic grindcore blastbeats, vocal vengeance and riffs mutilation, these bastards manage to piss off and shake the grounds of every thinking human being; Not just because of the foul language, pedophile hints or the brilliant quasi-macho lines like "A true rider rides a Pony", but mainly because of the overall contempt roughly pointed at the superficiality of todays' society - Its' goals, fixations and lame everyday embodiment as modern slavery not worth living for. No wonder you wanna end up as murderer, child molester or an old women sex offender.

Recommended if you like Pig Destroyer, D9, Meat Shits, The Locust, Discordance Axis, Abscess, Anal Cunt, Mesrine, Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium, Foetopsy etc.

01 Shir She'ho Kolo Ani     
02 Ha'gehenom Magia Be'mitog Me'hadash     
03 Bli Bgadim At Lo Nir'et Datia     
04 Geometria Frektalit     
05 Masa Retzach Le'taer Et Hiochech     
06 Ha'kol Ha'metaftef Tzahar     
07 Itzmi Et Ha'eynaim (Pitchi Et Ha'pe)     
08 Kitmei Dam Al Tmonot Yom Holedet     
09 Zro'ot Tmanon     
10 Sandy Bar     
11 Or (Me'shaker Le'atzmo)     
12 Rochev Amiti Rochev Gam Al Pony     
13 Ha'yamim Ha'rishonim Shel Yanuhar     
14 Nitzba!      


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