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1. Paypal is secure and easiest way to send money using your email address. It allows you to pay for an order with either your VISA / MASTERCARD, or have it directly withdrawn from your account. This is the quickest & most secure way to pay for your order! We can ship your product immediately and it is completely FREE method for you! Other advantage of Paypal is that the seller never sees your credit card or checking account numbers.
2. Bank transfer order is other secure and quick way to handle payments all over the world. For more info you should ask at your bank office or netbank.
3. WESTERN UNION - this system operates in more than 200 countries, so it’s most likely that you are in one that has their offices. For more info go to
4. POSTAL MONEY ORDER - this is possible within EU countries only. For more info go to your local post office and ask.
5. CASH- We accept also well hidden cash in REGISTERED letter only (at your own risk) USD, EUR, British, Canadian and Australian currency. When sending cash, hide it very well inside the envelope between several sheets of paper and glue the sheets inside envelope. This way nobody can open your letter and stole cash without destroying the envelope. We are not responsible for money stolen or lost in the mail.
6. Cheques & letters of credit are not accepted.
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NEKKRALAI unleashed "G.R.P." into the world!

23-02-2018Views: 103The latest offering from Lithuanian black metal / punk rockers NEKKRALAI consists of 9 dark aggressive songs, with lyrics focusing on a depressive, never ending search for the cure from the misery of live, involving usage of simplistic bodily joys...
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