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DECONSTRUCTING SEQUENCE - "Cosmic Progression" out now!

Date Added: 30-03-2018

Progressive black / death metallers DECONSTRUCTING SEQUENCE present their first full-length album "Cosmic Progression". It's a diverse, 55 minutes opus that will not leave you indifferent. Crushing riffs, excellent songwriting and production done at Monroe Sound Studio by Aro make this record an immersive experience. Hear for yourself the track "Dark Matter":

The tracklist is as follows:
01. Lifeforce Awakens
02. V4641 Sgr
03. Memories of the Sun, Memories of the Earth
04. My Way Through the Stars
05. Dark Matter 06. Luminous (In the Process of Merging)
07. Heading to the Virgo Constelation
08. Supernova (The Battle for Matter Begins)
09. Run Starchild... You are Free Now!

The album was released on March 30, 2018 by Via Nocturna. You can order it now at:
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