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CLITORAPE - "Gynaecological Apocalypse" CD

CLITORAPE - "Gynaecological Apocalypse" CD

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CLITORAPE - "Gynaecological Apocalypse" CD
Label: Splatter Zombie Records
Format: CD (jewel case)
Country: France
Year: 2015
Genre: brutal death meta / grindcore

1. Raped at First Date  
2. Ass to Mouth Reanimation     
3. Lowcost Blowjob     
4. Dehymenized     
5. Bubble Butt Blues         
6. Mestrual Party     
7. Bulimic Biastophiliac Bitch     
8. Your Clit Is Mine     
9. Vulvattack
10. Natural Porn Killers     
11. We Are the Porn Gansters
12. Smegmageddon         
13. Intracranial Seminal Discharge Performed by a Pervert Surgeon
14. Funeral Fist Fuck (Feat. Vinz Ass Deep Tongued)
15. Baptized in Cumshots (Feat. Rico 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses)     
16. Double Anal Penetration (Ultimo Mondo Cannibale cover)     
17. We Come to Eat You (SxRxOxM cover)

Total: 34:30

Clitorape - Gynaecological Apocalypse [full album stream]

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