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BRAINTEASERS - "Quotes of Great People" CD

BRAINTEASERS - "Quotes of Great People" CD

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BRAINTEASERS - "Quotes of Great People" CD
Label: More Hate Productions
Format: CD (jewel case)
Country: Russia
Year: 2016
Genre: death metal / grindcore

The second album by the progressive death/grind orchestra from the very South of Russia! As compared to the debut, the music has become more brutal. The band has built-up the required “physique”, acquired skills and cogence. The sound is more powerful mainly because of the use of a real drum set! At the same time the progressive and intellectual approach of the band has remained intact – it supremely reigns throughout the 7 album tracks. The title of the CD – “Quotations of the Great Ones” – is the main idea of the album addressing mess and chaos of human society. People forget their essence, thoughts and thirst for self-expression. Personal qualities are erased. The most part of the world goes after the flesh and blood led by stereotypes, patterns and precepts imposed by tenacious mass media and disputable authorities. Yet still there are some people with global ideas and concise words! We are sure that they will change the world for the better and make us treat ourselves in a different way! The in-depth study of the “Quotations of the Great Ones” was performed in association with Denis Shvarts (DENIS SHVARTS PROJECT, lead guitar), Dmitry Gusejnov (button accordion, flute) Branimir (throat singing), Ivan Fedotov (VESPERO, percussion), Arkady Fedotov (VESPERO – fretless bass), Vitaly Borodin (VESPERO — violin) guest featured in several songs. Guest vocals are performed by: Dmitry Orlov (FETAL DECAY), Vitaly Yakovlev (INNERSIDE), Pavel Donskov (C-300) and Angelina Stepanova. In-style CD artwork by Mosa Eye & Brutal Art Design.

1. Palace of the Fat & Shit     05:11     
2. Quotes of Great People     03:04     
3. Dilligence 29     06:06     
4. Andrey Bahmetiev     04:31     
5. The Quiet     07:58       
6. Busywork     05:24     
7. Zombie OST (Fabio Frizzi сover)     04:12     

Total: 36:26          

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